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Next-Gen Toyota GR86: Unveiling Three-Cylinder Hybrid Likely for 2025


The Toyota GR86, recently introduced as part of its second generation, is a testament to modern engineering. Despite its youth of under two years, emerging reports propose the potential arrival of a new version by 2025. Autocar’s insights reveal that the compact two-door sports coupe could face challenges in meeting Japan’s upcoming fuel efficiency and emissions standards within the near future.


The GR86’s current windshield design might also encounter hurdles due to forthcoming European Union safety regulations, which require compatibility with traffic-light recognition cameras now mandatory in new vehicles. These combined factors signal an impending update for the GR86, marked by a rejuvenated exterior style and an intriguing powertrain.


Toyota’s indications suggest a potential electrified adaptation of the 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine found in the GR Yaris and GR Corolla, hinting at the possibility of a hybrid GR86.


Toyota’s Chief Technology Officer, Hiroki Nakajima, underscored the appeal of hybrid systems, not only for environmentally conscious cars but also for sportier models.  Their affordability compared to all-electric counterparts and the promise of an enjoyable driving experience make them a compelling choice.

While the next-generation GR86 is approximately two years away, Toyota’s continuous exploration of solid-state battery technology offers hope for its viability in the sports car. 


Nevertheless, the automaker must tackle potential weight considerations inherent to this technology to preserve the GR86’s agile nature. In New Zealand, reservations for the current-spec 2023 Toyota GR86 have ceased, prompting potential buyers to engage with local dealerships for the upcoming 2024 model. 


Pricing for the GR86 starts at $58,490, which includes a $5,865 Clean Car Fee, covering both manual and automatic variants.


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