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Water Festival Special Offer! Exclusive Coupons: Free Car Wash, Insurance, and a $100 Gas Card Await You!

Don’t miss out on our special offers!

In celebration of the upcoming Water Festival, we are delighted to exclusively introduce Water Festival coupons for customers who have purchased a car through the Liberty Carz APP. Customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  1. Free Car Wash: Your beloved car will receive our professional cleaning service, leaving it refreshed.
  2. Free Insurance: During the Water Festival, we will provide free insurance for your car, ensuring peace of mind.
  3. 20% Discount on Engine Oil Replacement: Replace your car’s high-quality engine oil and enjoy a 20% discount.
  4. 20% Discount on Tire Replacement: If you need new tires, we offer a 20% discount to enhance your vehicle’s safety.
  5. 15% Discount on Car Sticker Protection: Apply sticker protection to your car to prevent scratches and damage while enjoying a 15% discount.
  6. Car Quality Inspection: We will conduct a comprehensive quality check on your car to ensure its excellent condition.
  7. Car Loan Processing Fee Waiver: If you require a car loan, we will waive the processing fee.
  8. $100 Gas Card: We provide a $100 gas card for your car to alleviate fuel expenses. Act quickly! This offer is valid from November 1st to November 30th, 2023, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Please book our team through the Liberty Carz application to view our cars for free and collect your Water Festival coupons. While enjoying these benefits, please be mindful of the applicable terms and conditions.

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