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Revolutionizing Car Transactions: Liberty Carz’s 135-Day Journey

Liberty Carz's 135-Day

Liberty Carz’s 135-Day – In a mere 130 days since its launch, the Liberty Carz app has rapidly evolved into Cambodia’s most favored automotive marketplace. Our transformative journey has not only shaped the way cars are bought and sold but has also amplified our commitment to community betterment.


Redefining Automotive Transactions – Liberty Carz’s 135-Day Journey

Our unwavering dedication to your convenience is at the heart of our progress. Over this short period, the Liberty Carz app has redefined the way cars are bought, sold, and experienced. With the introduction of innovative features like the user-friendly loan calculator and dynamic share link, we’re reshaping the landscape of automotive transactions.

The loan calculator helps you figure out how much you’ll need to pay every month for your dream car.

Liberty Carz's 130-Day

 And with the dynamic share link, you can easily show your favorite car to anyone you want. 

Click here to download Liberty Carz app and discover now:


Over 5000 cars up for sale

A lot of you have downloaded our app – over 70,000 times, to be exact. We’re happy to see so many people enjoying what we offer. We also have more cars for you to choose from – 5000 cars are now available for sale. Until now, the amount of cars for sale on the system reached 200,000,000 USD. Our aim is to make sure there’s a car for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for.

On August 12 and 13, Liberty Carz took part in the 2023 Cambodia Real Estate & Lifestyle Exhibition. More than 9000 people came to see us! Our booth was full of fun games and colorful displays. We gave away lots of gifts and everyone had a great time. This positive response makes us even more motivated to do better.

Sharing and Caring for Others

We’re not just about cars; we care about people too. Our “Share for Future” campaign in the ‘Liberty Miracle’ Charity Fund, from July 15th to August 15th, got an amazing 12,369 shares. This means 12,369,000 riels that will help 100 students get things they need, like uniforms and shoes. These students are facing tough times, but your help gives them strength, hope, and a chance at a better life. It’s not just stuff; it’s showing that we care and believe in their dreams. We appreciate everyone’s support through sharing, and it encourages us to keep making a positive impact in the community.

Liberty Carz's 130-Day

Moving Forward, Together

As we celebrate these Liberty Carz’s 135-Day Journey , remember that we’re not stopping here. Liberty Carz is still working to make things better for you and the community. You can follow us on Facebook( to stay connected and be part of our journey. Let’s keep this spirit going, making a positive impact that lasts. Inspired by what we’ve done, let’s move ahead as one, step by step, making good things happen. Together, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

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