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【Lucky Strikes】Refer Friends to Download and Register Liberty Carz for a Chance to Win Amazing Gift Packages!

Call on friends to share rewards! Ignite the passion – when you introduce your friends to download and register the Liberty Carz application, both you and your friends have the chance to receive fantastic gift packages! Electronic vouchers worth up to $63 are waiting for you.

Guard these tempting benefits:

Share 5 Carzees to win a motorcycle fuel voucher;

Share 8 Carzees to enjoy a car wash voucher;

Share 10 Carzees to get a car fuel voucher, saving up to $2020!

Share 20 Carzees you’ll walk away with a $30 fuel voucher!

Don’t miss out! Want to know how to participate? Send your referral link to friends, and for each successful download and registration, both you and your friend will receive 1 Carzee. There are no limits to your referrals, and the excitement is boundless! A special event is about to explode! Follow us on social media right now; more exciting updates are waiting for you!

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