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Master Cambodia’s Top Car APP in Just 1 Minute!

Do you have a friend who is passionate about cars? Are they constantly asking you questions about cars or are they confused about where to go when buying a car? Then, the following video will teach you how to use Cambodia’s No. 1 car buying and selling APP.

If you want to trade cars through Liberty Carz, you first need to download this app.

Search for “Liberty Carz” on App Store or Google Play, and click to download.

After the download is complete, open the APP and register. The registration process is very simple, just enter your mobile phone number, verification code and password. In addition, you can also choose to log in directly using your Facebook or Google account. After successful registration, you can start browsing various car information.

The latest car information and popular recommended car brands will be displayed on the home page. You can filter qualified cars according to your needs, and view detailed information, pictures and prices, etc. If you are interested in a certain car and want to test drive it, you can directly make an appointment for the time and place of the test drive through the APP.

On the  homepage, select “Book free viewing” and fill in the relevant information. If you decide to buy a certain car, you can also complete the purchase process directly on the APP. First, you need to submit a purchase application and pay a deposit; then contact the seller to confirm the order; finally go to the physical store to complete the transaction and pay the balance.

Apart from this, Liberty Carz has many other useful features. For example, on the homepage, you can view personal information, order records, message notifications, etc.; on the “Settings” page, you can modify personal information, security settings, etc.; there are also services such as online customer service support.

What are you waiting for? Come and meet us at LIBERTY Carz APP!

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