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Looking Back at LIBERTY’s Charity | Sharing Love, Creating a Better Future

On Children’s Day, the LIBERTY Carz team visited a primary school in a remote area of Cambodia. The children there, innocent and charming, speak volumes through their bright eyes, reflecting their desire for knowledge.

Seeing that these children can’t get basic school things and their families can’t even afford school uniforms, it made us really sad. But we decided to help them. So, we started the “Liberty Miracle” charity campaign. When you share our posts, more people can know about these kids and spread love. Every share adds to our donations. We want to use the donations to buy school things and uniforms so that these children can learn better.

The first phase of the public welfare project ends on August 15th. During this period, we have received many likes, shares and supports from friends! Thank you everyone!

Let us look back on this caring public welfare journey together! In that hot summer, our members braved the scorching sun and endured the hardships of long-distance travel, and finally arrived at that remote elementary school. When we walked into the classroom, the children gathered around one after another and looked at us with those clear eyes. There are innocent and lovely smiles on their faces, as if all the troubles have disappeared. We distributed daily stationery for the children, including pencils, erasers, homework books and so on. Seeing the children excitedly holding these stationery, our hearts are also full of joy.

We aim for the school uniforms we provide to give these children a fresh start each day. This charity journey didn’t just offer them things they needed; it brought hope and strength. Our wish is that more people notice these children and help them get a better education and life.

Each share embodies love, and every bit of support strengthens our resolve. We will continue to work hard to bring hope and light to more children!

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