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Liberty Carz: A Wrap Up of the Spectacular Cambodian Auto Expo 2023

CamAuto 2023 was held on 14 15 16 September 2023 at Diamond Island Convention Center about automotive and other accessories for cars and the auto market that get supported by the Ministry of Land Management and Ministry of Tourism. This event was conducted on an international scale in which over 500 products were displayed with many types of brands, auto part companies, technology, and products joined together including Liberty Carz which is the Cambodia Super Car App. The recent automobile exhibition was more than just a showcase of vehicles; it was a journey through automotive history, a celebration of engineering marvels, and many other products related to automotive which leaves us with a profound glimpse into the future of the automotive industry.

This exhibition was concluded successfully with more than 12,000 visitors attending. Liberty Carz is excited to join this exclusive event which is held only once a year. With an innovative and latest update of our technology, many audiences were captivated by our exciting app and curious to know more about the app features as well as the seamless integration of technology. The Liberty Carz app offers customers to explore the cars on display, providing detailed information, 360-degree views, and even immersive test drives. As they interacted with our app, their enthusiasm was palpable. It became evident that our app was not just a tool but a bridge between the present and the future of the automotive industry. 

Throughout the whole event, we also interacted with the audience by playing our mini games to get many special prizes such as caps, car perfume, raincoats, and many more. Not only that, specialized car consultants were also there in order to answer any questions asked by the audience. Furthermore, we are able to exchange opinions and discuss with other products and services owners more a future collaboration. Notably, our app garnered significant attention from multiple car merchants who displayed a strong interest in potential collaborations with our platform.

As a result, within 3 days of the event, Liberty Carz app successfully attracted the attention of customers, leading to over 5,000 app downloads and receiving enthusiastic responses with Countless Praises! With these many responses, we are able to conclude that Liberty Carz App is a step closer to the No.1 Car Shopping App in Cambodia. 

We will be there and take part in the next Auto Expo Event and showcase the most up-to-date features and services to all customers. Thank You for taking part with us to achieve your desired dream car. See You There!!

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