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LIBERTY Miracle Charity|Uniting Thousands to Share, Raise 12.36 Million Riels, and Spread Hope through Love!

In nearly a month, LIBERTY Carz’s public welfare sharing activity has attracted 12,369 people to actively participate, including enthusiastic people and public welfare enthusiasts from all over the country.

Through joint efforts, we managed to raise 12.369.000 riel (approximately $2994) public welfare fund. This public welfare fund will be specially used to purchase school uniforms for children in impoverished mountainous areas to solve their daily learning difficulties.

During this event, everyone’s support and love made us feel warm and encouraged. We know that only with the attention and help of all sectors of society can these children in impoverished mountainous areas be able to obtain a better learning environment and opportunities for future development.

In order to further expand the influence of public welfare activities, we launched the “Sharing for Charity” activity. By simply retweeting LIBERTY Carz’s nonprofit post, you can reach out to more people about the plight of these children and allow the love to be shared and passed on. Every share will become the accumulation of our donations. We hope to use these donations to buy daily stationery and school uniforms for children so that they can learn better.

Let us act together to send care and help to children in impoverished mountainous areas. Thank you for your support and participation, let us light the lamp of hope for them to move forward together!

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