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Liberty Carz: Transforming into Cambodia Super Car App with Unrivaled Tech Features!

In the pursuit of customer satisfaction in Cambodia, Liberty Carz has steadfastly adhered to the principle of quality as its guiding light. Our mission is to deliver to the beautiful country of Cambodia an application dedicated to automobiles, one that integrates invaluable features that transcend the boundaries of a conventional car trading application.

With unwavering motivation, after just five months of launching into the market with relentless determination, our application has consistently evolved with the latest features, all stemming from meticulous research into user needs.

Empowering You with Tech Innovation

We combine innovation with information technology platforms to upgrade the application with the most useful features!

  • Loan Calculator: Easily calculate your monthly payment for any car listed on the app.
  • Dynamic Sharing Link: Share your favorite cars with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • CarEZ Social Login: Create a new account in just one second using your social media credentials.
  • Contact Support: Receive rapid solutions to post-purchase concerns.

And in a groundbreaking move, we have officially introduced the Car Rental feature, transforming the app from a car buying and selling platform into a comprehensive Super Car App. Now, Liberty Carz not only facilitates car ownership but also offers effortless car rental, catering to the diverse needs of car enthusiasts.

Our Success, Your Support

All our dedicated efforts have borne fruit as we recently achieved the distinction of becoming Cambodia’s No.1 Car Shopping App, according to the Apple Store rankings. This remarkable feat is a testament to the trust and support of our valued customers who have chosen to trust, download, and experience the Liberty Carz application.

A Flourishing Car Merchant Network on the App

Our network of trusted merchants has expanded to 1,000, and the number of cars listed for sale on the app has surged to an impressive 6,000, a figure that continues to grow daily thanks to the tireless efforts of the Liberty Carz team. Together, we have created an ever-expanding “Car Universe” that fulfills the automotive needs of all users.

Quality, Always at the Forefront

At Liberty Carz, we firmly believe that quantity must always be accompanied by quality. In September, we conducted rigorous quality checks for hundreds of cars, a process that continues for our entire network of cars across the country. To identify cars that meet our stringent quality standards, simply select the “Liberty Car Qualified” button in the filter bar. This relentless commitment to quality underscores Liberty Carz’s sustainable development journey.

Our Ongoing Journey

Our journey to captivate consumers in Cambodia continues unabated. We work diligently every day to enhance and upgrade the application, and we actively negotiate to offer the most optimal policies for both buyers and sellers. Furthermore, our dedication to community outreach remains unwavering. At the end of September, funds from the Liberty Miracle charity were utilized to provide uniforms, shoes, and learning materials for underprivileged children in the coastal provinces of Cambodia.

As we look back on our remarkable journey, we remain steadfastly committed to our mission of transforming Cambodia’s automotive landscape.Liberty Carz – Cambodia Super Car App will persist in our quest to satisfy users, leveraging information technology to be the premier option for those seeking to buy, sell, and rent cars.

For the latest updates and more about Liberty Carz, please visit or download the app here:

Cambodia Super Car App – Liberty Carz – Driving Dreams.

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