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Liberty Carz Revs Up Excitement as Official Media Sponsor for Cambodia’s Biggest Off-Road Festival 2023!

Calling all off-road enthusiasts, dirt bike riders, and cyclists because Liberty Carz is also gearing up for the adrenaline-packed “Off-Road Festival 2023”! 

Taking place at Kirirom National Park, this annual outdoor event will be held from November 17th to 19th.

Liberty Carz is thrilled to announce as the official media sponsor for this spectacular event for off-road enthusiasts. From capturing heart-stopping off-road races to showcasing the love of enthusiasts, our team will be on the front lines to bring the action to life through filming and photography for the entire event.

But Liberty Carz isn’t just stopping at media coverage. We ensure that those who come to soak in the festival won’t leave empty-handed. Therefore, an array of exciting gifts will be presented to all participants to enhance the atmosphere.

Liberty Carz has prepared special Gift Sets for participants and winners, including a perfect combination of a premium water bottle, a t-shirt, and a practical Car Shade to keep the vehicles cool and stylish. Attendees can also expect to receive free water boxes at our Booths to stay hydrated during the festivities as well.

A Festival Beyond Boundaries

Since its first festival in 2017, the Off-Road Festival has evolved into an annual event, drawing off-road enthusiasts from both within and outside the country. It’s not just about promoting car culture; it’s a call to adventure, an invitation to break free from the city’s hustle and embrace the beauty of Kirirom National Park—a haven for camping and tourists to experience the cool weather and nature.

This year’s festival consists of 4X4 vehicle exhibitions, engaging off-road races such as the Core Challenge and Hardcore Challenge, displays of off-road products and parts from renowned brands like Hotbit, ARB, Ironman, TJM, and an opportunity for outdoor camping.

The off-road races are set to be structured into team competitions, with each participating team permitted to present two modified off-road vehicles. This arrangement results in a total of 12 races, each comprising super stages or tracks for an intensified off-road experience.

So, mark your calendars for November 17th to 19th, and join us at Kirirom National Park for the Off-Road Festival 2023. Liberty Carz invites you to experience the excitement and grab a chance to get many amazing gifts. See you there!

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