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Liberty Carz at Cambodia’s 2023 Biggest Expo

Liberty Carz Shines at CAMAUTO Auto Expo and Receives Enthusiastic Response with Countless Praises!

Today, let’s review this grand exhibition with Liberty Carz.

The three-day CAMFOOD/CAMHOTEL’23 and CAMBUILD’23 event concluded successfully, taking place from September 14th to 16th at the Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Cente in Phnom Penh. It was estimated that over 12,000 visitors attended, with more than 500 products on display.

Day One

Liberty Carz is now featured at CAMAUTO 2023 Expo, booth number B249.

Join us at the Koh Pich Exhibition Center to experience Cambodia’s supercar application and win exclusive prizes in our mini-games.

Day Two

What does Cambodia’s largest CAMAUTO 2023 trade fair have in store? Come explore with us!πŸŽ‰

Liberty Carz has exciting gifts waiting for you.🎁🀩

Day Three

It’s the final day, and the enthusiasm is still going strong!

This exhibition also includes a series of thematic exhibitions, including CAMCAFE (Cambodian Tea and Coffee Exhibition), CAMAUTO (Cambodian International Auto Parts and Service & Repair Equipment Exhibition), CamSolar (Cambodian Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition), Camenergy (Cambodian Phnom Penh Electric Power Energy Exhibition), CamWater (Cambodian Phnom Penh Water Treatment Exhibition), CamSecurity&Fire (Cambodian Security and Fire Exhibition), and CAMHARDWARE (Cambodian Hardware Tools Exhibition).

This grand exhibition was held with the support of the Ministry of Land Management and Construction and the Ministry of Tourism. Many dignitaries attended the opening ceremony, including Mr. Hong Suo So Pi, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Land Management and Construction, Mr. Guang Pen Na Sa, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism, and Mr. Lu Yuming, Chairman of the Cambodian Tourism Alliance.

Mr. Koun Thonasa, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism, highly praised Tarsus Events Group and its partners for successfully organizing the CAMFOOD/CAMHOTEL’23 and CAMBUILD’23 events during the opening ceremony. He stated that through this exhibition, international tourists would gain deeper insights into Cambodia’s tourism potential, thus attracting more international tourists for tourism and sightseeing.

This aligns with the second phase of the ‘Tourism Industry Post-Pandemic Recovery Roadmap’ set by the Ministry of Tourism and contributes to the revival of the tourism industry.

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