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Liberty Carz App introduce new function: Dynamic link – easy share your favorite car

Both customers and merchants can now effortlessly share car links with other users right from the Liberty Carz app. This significant function allows you to introduce cars to your friends and potential clients, altering the car-buying experience for everyone.

How to share your favorite cars? 

  1. Go to Liberty Carz app 
  2. Select your favorite car
  3. Press the share button 
  4. Copy the link to send it to your friends, or share the link to your social media. 

  • For those who haven’t installed the app yet: When recipients access the shared link, they will be directed to Google Play or the App Store to download the Customer App, ensuring they don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. 
  • For those who have installed the app: They will be redirected to Car Detail on the Customer App, enabling them to explore and inquire about the car.

So now, easily share your favorite car to anyone, in anywhere. Just need a seconds! Click here to download Liberty Carz App now! 

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