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Exclusive BMW 5 Series Variant Designed Exclusively for a Singular Global Market

BMW has unveiled an updated 5 Series in China to satisfy high customer demands. Since starting local production in 2003, around two million 5 Series cars have been sold there. This launch introduces two new models: the 5 Series Sedan and the electric i5, both based on the eighth generation (fourth generation produced locally). The i5 is BMW’s debut in China’s profitable electric vehicle market. 

Both the 5 Series and i5 feature an elongated wheelbase, a common design choice for Western companies targeting Chinese consumers. This extended wheelbase is accompanied by unique design elements. The front end showcases a distinctive interpretation of BMW’s twin headlights, separated by a grille with contour lighting. From the side, the roofline drops toward the rear in a unique manner, while the back is adorned with striking LED lights and a separating chrome strip.

A special addition for China is the illuminated number 5 on the C-pillar, white for regular cars and pulsating blue when the i5 is charging. Inside, the China-tailored 5 Series has a redesigned steering wheel and the signature Curved Display with custom digital services. The BMW Theater Screen, from the 7 Series, supports 8K video via 5G. Audio is elevated with the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound.

 BMW hasn’t shared engine or pricing specifics yet. Production begins at the undisclosed time in the Dadong plant, run with Brilliance. This move demonstrates BMW’s commitment to exceed expectations in China’s demanding market for luxury and advanced tech.

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