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Carz News: Porsche’s Own App Expands Apple CarPlay’s Functionality

My Porsche functions are now readily accessible within the Apple software thanks to a recent update from Porsche to its Apple CarPlay integration. With this update, users may now easily change a variety of vehicle settings when utilizing Apple CarPlay through the Porsche app, including sound profiles, climate control, and ambient lighting.

The new software is currently only offered in the Porsche Cayenne, but it will soon be made accessible in other Porsche models as well. This connection demonstrates how owners are choosing third-party programs like CarPlay over solutions from the original manufacturer.


Porsche owners are now able to change settings that were previously available only through the manufacturer’s software thanks to the improved capability. Users may now customize their interior environment by modifying ambient lighting, sound settings, and climate management right from the CarPlay interface by utilizing Apple CarPlay menus.


The update also includes brand-new “wellness modes” including Relax, Warmup, and Refresh that can be accessed and used via CarPlay. Excitingly, owners may use Siri and voice activation to manage preferences for the radio and climate control, further enhancing the convenience of driving.

This integration comes after a comparable Porsche update from May that supported finding EV chargers within the built-in Apple Maps app exclusively for the Taycan model. Instead of relying on the built-in Porsche version, the increased integration enables users to access critical data, such as the vehicle’s state of charge (SOC), anticipated traffic conditions, and average speed, immediately within Apple Maps.


By scanning a QR code inside the Porsche Communication Manager (PCM), owners can activate the new capability. The Porsche Cayenne SUV can currently be updated with the software for no cost. In the upcoming months, Porsche promises to roll out this improved version to more vehicles, significantly boosting the Apple CarPlay experience for Porsche drivers.

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