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The Perfect Shot: Tips for Shooting Cars at the Right Angles

Before placing your automobile up for sale, there are a variety of angles you can photograph it, including the front side, back side, internal view, and external views. There are also several little aspects of the car that you can capture to highlight the distinctive features of the car. We’ll now go over a few tips for capturing good shots of your car, focusing on the External Views and Internal View.

External View

On the External View, there are 8 main angles such as:

You can also focus on little details like the car’s bottom, doors, and tires. Here is an example you might use:

Internal view 

On the Internal View, there are plenty of small details that you should collect. However, there is no set standard for what should be photographed.  It depends on each type of car and what that car offers to customers. Here is the fundamental image that the client would like to see is as follows:

So, are you ready to take your car-capturing to a new level? Apply these tips and post your cars on Liberty Carz Merchant right now! 

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