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Royal Government of Cambodia have provided a subsidies of providing public bus to civil servants for free during this Pchum Ben Festivals.

Royal Government has released a statement of providing public bus services to people for free during this Pchum Ben starting from 12th October to 16th October 2023. According to Dr. Hun Manet’s recommendation, there will be 455 passenger buses for public transport services. 60 buses will be used and rotated back and forth. 

People will gather at the bus stop at Freedom Park in front of the former gas station at Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, and commune to different locations. 

This morning on 12th October which marked the first day of this campaign, H.E Khoung Sreng Municipal Governor, accompanied by his colleague visited people and sent them off to their respective hometowns. 

This campaign aims to reduce the expense of people and strengthen the livelihood of people. Taking this opportunity, the capital administration of Phnom Penh urged all business owners and bus operators to maintain the same transportation costs during the traditional Pchum Ben festival.


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