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Cambodia’s First Ice And Snow World Is Here! Exclusive Perks, Free Tickets For All!

Hey there!

Have you ever dreamt of that magical world of ice and snow? Well, guess what? Cambodia’s first ice and snow world has just arrived at Liberty Carz! We’ve got exclusive perks waiting for you

How to participate:

Liberty Carz is offering special benefits just for our fans!

All you have to do is follow our WeChat public account and stay connected, and you can easily get your free ticket!

Yes, you heard it right – it’s that simple!

What? Is it really that easy?

Absolutely! It’s that crazy!

Liberty exclusively gives away free tickets to the ice and snow grand world! Come join us and experience this one-of-a-kind ice and snow world!

How to get your ticket

Scan the QR code below, send a screenshot after following, and voila, you’ve got your ticket!

  1. Add us on WeChat (Note: Liberty Caz fans)

2. Click to follow

3. Send a screenshot

Please note – each WeChat account can only receive one ticket!

Quickly tag your friends, become fans of Liberty Carz together, get your tickets, and let’s have a blast in the ice and snow world!

Let’s party together in the ice and snow world!

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