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Auto news 2: Designer of Nissan GT-R creates a lightweight electric sports car with 483bhp

Liberty Carz Auto news want to share with you this interesting news:

Renowned Nissan chief designer, Shiro Nakamura, will unveil his latest creation, the AIM EV Sport 01, at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed. This new compact electric sports car, developed for Nagoya-based engineering firm AIM, aims to deliver impressive performance and reduced weight.

Having retired as Nissan’s vice-president in 2017, Nakamura now heads his independent outfit, SN Design Platform. Throughout his career, he played a key role in designing iconic Nissan models such as the Cube, Qashqai, Leaf, and GT-R.

The AIM EV Sport 01 has been meticulously designed to provide an exhilarating driving experience. Currently undergoing dynamic testing, it will make its debut on the renowned Goodwood hillclimb.

Weighing only 1425kg, this electric sports car is equipped with two liquid-cooled, high-performance electric motors, one for each rear wheel. These motors boast a maximum speed of 10,000rpm and draw power from an 81kWh battery split into four packs. With a combined output of 483bhp and 582 lb ft of torque, typically seen in larger and heavier vehicles, it is expected to achieve a sub-6.0sec 0-62mph time.

To reduce weight, the EV Sport 01 incorporates lightweight materials, featuring carbonfibre body panels and a monocoque chassis, while the frame is predominantly made of aluminum. The car’s cornering capabilities are maximized with the installation of double-wishbone suspension on both the front and rear, complemented by 20-inch wheels.

The positive reception from the public has prompted AIM to consider a potential limited production run for the EV Sport 01.


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