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LIBERTY CARZ|Passionate Fans! About the Ticket Giveaway, Brother Tao Says

Dear friends, you’re truly too enthusiastic!

Let me share with you about the exciting event yesterday, “Follow the official account, and you’ll get tickets to the Snow World.” This special fan event has just been launched and has received a warm response from everyone! We are very grateful for the support and love from each fan!

As soon as news of the event came out, our Brother Tao was truly surprised and delighted. He felt very honored to receive such attention from so many people! He said, “I am pleasantly surprised; I didn’t expect this event to be so welcomed and supported by many. Sincerely thank you all for the attention to LIBERTY CARZ!”

At the same time, he also reminded everyone not to forget that there is an enthusiastic used car dealer Tao waiting for you in Phnom Penh!

Although this event has successfully concluded at 10 am today, please rest assured that we will continue to work diligently to bring benefits to everyone.

Special reminder: Fans who have added Brother Tao as a friend, don’t forget to claim your tickets~

To express our gratitude for everyone’s love, we have also prepared many generous prizes. Just follow our official account and successfully place an order to buy a car, and you will have the chance to receive these exquisite gifts! At the same time, we will also launch various promotional programs over time, so stay tuned!

Remember to follow our LIBERTY CARZ platform. Buy a car here. There are many cars waiting for you to choose from. Your attention is our greatest motivation, and we look forward to seeing you in the next event!

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