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2023’s Biggest Real Estate and Lifestyle Exhibition in Cambodia: Liberty Carz Takes the Spotlight and Attracts Countless Admirers!

On the evening of August 13, the two-day 2023 Cambodia Real Estate & Lifestyle Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. According to the preliminary statistics of the organizers, this exhibition has attracted more than 9,000 people to visit, but the scope of publicity is far more than that. The advantages of the marketing agency and strong online and offline promotion have allowed the event to successfully gain a lot of attention in channels such as live broadcast, outdoor publicity, and media publicity.

LIBERTY Carz also set up a booth as an exhibitor, and set up interactive links such as turntable games, check in and taking pictures, and APP download experience. These activities attracted the participation of many visitors, and also allowed us to gain a lot of fans at the exhibition site. Let us review this wonderful exhibition together!


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