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160-Part Quality Checks For Used Cars – Your Peace of Mind in Car Shopping with Liberty Carz App

Buying a used car is a cost-effective choice for many people. However, purchasing a used car also comes with potential risks, such as the car having been in accidents, experiencing wear and tear, or having subpar replacement parts. These concerns can leave many buyers feeling anxious and uncertain when shopping for a used vehicle.

To provide customers with greater peace of mind when buying a used car, Liberty Carz employs a rigorous 160-part inspection process. This process is carried out by a team of professional technicians who use modern equipment and technology to comprehensively assess the vehicle. It covers four major categories: Exterior, Interior,Operate on the road and Chassis.

Here is a detailed list of the points that Liberty Carz checks for a used car in the 160-part inspection process:


  1. Windshield, windows, rear glass
  2. Condition of front/rear wiper blades
  3. Operation of mechanical trunk and hood locks
  4. Door handles and locking mechanisms
  5. Front lighting: high/low beam, fog lights
  6. Turn signals/hazard lights
  7. Automatic on/off lights
  8. Rear lights: brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights
  9. Headlight alignment
  10. Mechanical components: Check door locks, hood locks, cargo compartment
  11. Check fuel door, pickup bed
  12. Mechanical operation of hinges, door latches, tailgate lift
  13. Electric sunroof, tailgate operation
  14. Radiator grille condition, decorative trim, badge
  15. Headliner
  16. Tires and wheels of the correct standard size
  17. Tires without cuts, bulges, or tears
  18. Even tire wear in all positions
  19. Tire pressure
  20. Tread depth
  21. Wheels without scratches, fractures, signs of impact
  22. Spare tire, jack, tools with the vehicle
  23. Adequate spare tire


  1. Seats are not worn or torn
  2. Electric seat adjustments operate smoothly and are fully functional
  3. Heated seat function operates well
  4. Seat adjustment mechanisms work properly
  5. ISO FIX child locks are intact
  6. Anti-theft system/door locks function properly
  7. Sun visors/makeup lights/rearview mirrors
  8. Sunroof operates well
  9. Interior lighting
  10. Power window operation is smooth
  11. Electric/retractable/adjustable rearview mirrors
  12. Steering wheel position adjustment
  13. Steering wheel lock mechanism
  14. Function buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard work well
  15. Windshield wiper/windshield washer/headlight washer system
  16. Remote control and one-touch start system
  17. Infotainment system functions properly
  18. Speaker system is fully functional
  19. Air conditioning system in the vehicle
  20. Ventilation system operates well: air vents, fan speed
  21. All gauges are functioning properly
  22. Power points/lighter
  23. Glove compartment/storage
  24. Floor mats, footwell cover
  25. Door seals, door sills
  26. Hood/trunk/fuel filler cap locks
  27. Rearview camera
  28. Driver assistance and active safety systems.
  29. No warning lights
  30. Audible alerts for all systems
  31. Interior/Exterior antenna system
  32. Cargo compartment floor mats, trim, cargo net
  33. Cargo compartment lighting
  34. Spare tire lowering mechanism

On-road Operation:

  1. Transmission does not slip or delay during driving
  2. Smooth gear shifts
  3. Functionality of gears and gear modes
  4. No unusual noise when engaging the reverse gear
  5. Vehicle body does not skid sideways
  6. Vehicle body is stable, without shaking or vibration
  7. No steering wheel resistance while turning
  8. No grinding or squeaking sounds while steering
  9. Vehicle tracks straight and does not pull to one side during braking
  10. No unusual noises or vibrations
  11. Vehicle performance during acceleration and deceleration
  12. Vehicle performance during braking
  13. Vehicle performance while steering, driving on curved roads
  14. Vehicle performance on uneven surfaces
  15. 2H/4H/4HLC/4LLC differential lock modes
  16. 4WD modes: ECO/AUTO/LOCK
  17. Central differential lock function


  1. Change oil + replace oil filter (if necessary)
  2. Coolant
  3. Brake fluid/clutch fluid
  4. Automatic transmission fluid/manual transmission fluid
  5. Transfer case fluid
  6. Differential (gear oil)
  7. Power steering fluid
  8. Windshield washer fluid
  9. Air conditioning system gas status
  10. No leaks for any fluids
  11. Radiator
  12. Radiator cap pressure check
  13. Cooling fan, clutch, motor
  14. Coolant reservoir tank
  15. Fuel pressure
  16. Fuel pump assembly condition
  17. Fuel tank condition
  18. Fuel lines condition
  19. Fuel filter
  20. Battery voltage
  21. Starting system
  22. Generator (alternator) pulse check (if necessary)
  23. Corrosion-free battery terminals
  24. Diesel engine glow plugs
  25. Intake/exhaust system components condition
  26. Drive belts condition
  27. Electrical harness condition
  28. Compressed air pressure/power balance check (if necessary)
  29. Engine mount condition
  30. Air intake heat exchanger
  31. Engine air filter
  32. Clean, non-blackened oil dipstick
  33. Clean oil inspection stick, old oil
  34. Clean exhaust pipe
  35. Exhaust system condition
  36. Exhaust pipe suspension rubber condition
  37. Body balance
  38. No noise when suspension works
  39. Stabilizer bars, connecting bars
  40. Leaf springs, coil springs
  41. Shock absorbers
  42. All angles react equally when bouncing
  43. Fuel lines/brake lines condition
  44. Absorber bar condition
  45. Front driver’s side condition
  46. Upper support bar (water tank area)
  47. Lower support bar (water tank area)
  48. Longitudinal vehicle body beam
  49. Horizontal vehicle body beam
  50. Front pillar (A pillar)
  51. Middle pillar (B pillar)
  52. Rear pillar (C pillar)
  53. Wheel arch
  54. Rear driver
  55. Pickup truck corner plate
  56. Pickup truck end plate
  57. Pickup truck bed
  58. Automatic transmission assembly details
  59. Manual transmission assembly details
  60. 4WD assembly details
  61. Gearbox suspension rubber
  62. Drive shaft coupling
  63. Drive shaft rubber boot condition
  64. Drive shaft condition (horizontal/vertical)
  65. Differential/drive shaft condition
  66. Steering gear, inner/outer tie rod condition
  67. Steering gear rubber boot condition
  68. Power steering pump
  69. Power steering motor operates well, no noise
  70. Wheel hub bearing assembly
  71. Steering wheel free travel
  72. Master brake cylinder/wheel condition
  73. Brake booster condition
  74. ABS pump assembly condition
  75. Electronic parking brake motor operation
  76. Drum brake/drum brake lining thickness
  77. Disc brake/disc brake pad thickness
  78. Handbrake works well
  79. Brake pedal, no vibration when braking
  80. Wheel does not lock due to ABS

Benefits of the 160-part check for used car

The 160-part check for used car offers various benefits to customers, including:

  • Safety Assurance: It helps detect potential safety issues with the vehicle, such as prior accidents, vehicle degradation, or the use of low-quality replacement parts, ensuring a safer driving experience.
  • Quality Assurance: Customers can accurately evaluate the quality of the vehicle, enabling them to make informed and sensible decisions when purchasing a vehicle. This guarantees that the vehicle is delivered to the buyer in the best possible condition, preventing unnecessary issues during its usage.
  • Cost Savings: A comprehensive inspection not only helps save on the cost of purchasing the vehicle but also on maintenance and the cost of replacing necessary parts after the purchase. Customers can avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure they invest in a valuable vehicle.

To learn more about Liberty Carz 160-part inspected cars, customers can download the Liberty Carz app on their phone and turn on the “Liberty Car Qualified” button in the search filter. Download the app and explore now:

Liberty Carz was founded to provide the most comprehensive solution for both car buyers and sellers. We are committed to partnering with our customers on their journey to realize their car dreams, providing the car that best suits each customer’s taste and budget, with quality always being strictly checked.

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